Nannkay To The Point


40 13

Cryses Starlight Express x Nannkay Chocolate Chip

Blood Group B PKD Negative

Gussy is a big Mommies boy. He doesn’t like it when I go on holiday and makes everyone know im not there. He also doesn’t like to have his picture took so his nickname is Grumpy Gus.

Gussy has sired quite a few babies for me and friends.  He has put his mark on them as most are called Gussy girls and Gussy boys.

Im very lucky to have my mommies boy and he has done me proud with every litter he has sired.

My. Grumpy Gus has finished his stud duties now and I will be booking him in to be neutered before christmas, think at the age of 7 there are enough of his babies around to carry his lines on. He will of coarse continue to live here as he wouldn’t put up with being away from me. Plus I doubt anyone would get around his quirky nature.