Imperial Grand Champion & Grand Premier Parradazy Popstar


Lilac Tortie Colourpointed BRI j 33( 40 10)

Petticote Jack The-Lad x Petticote Summertimedaisie

PKD Negative Tested Blood Group A

Her First Three Shows As An Adult Gained Her Three CC’s

Wyvern Cat show 12th September 2009 gained her first CC and Best Of Breed

Colourpointed British Shorthaired Show 7th November 2009,  got her second CC, Best Of Breed and all 1st in her side classes, Then going on to be  Best In Show Adult

She got made up to Champion at the Supreme Show 21st November 2009

Colourpointed British Shorthaired Show 6th November 2010 gained her first Grand CC

Supreme Show 20th November 2010 she received her second Grand CC & BOB

Colourpoint Rex & Aov saw her Gaining her Final Grand CC  &   going on to win Best In Show British Adult

Supreme Cat Show 19th November 2011 She added another Grand CC to her title

Colourpoint Rex & Aov show October 2012 she was awarded her 1st Imperial Grand Certificate

Colourpointed British Shorthaired show November 2012 she gained her 2nd Imperial Grand Certificate

Supreme Cat Show November 2012 gained her the 3rd Imperial Grand Certificate

Colourpoint Rex & AOV October 2013 Made her 4th Imperial Grand Certificate

And the most special show of them all was Colourpointed British Shorthaired Cat club show in November 2013 where she got her 5th Imperial Grand Certificate that gained her the title.

Just to prove her point she followed that up with a 6th Imperial Grand Certificate at the Supreme Cat Show in November 2013

My Beautiful girl is the most special cat to me, everything I ask of her she gives.

Poppy has only been shown in winter months due to her Mothering duties, which have produced her son Grand Champion Parradazy Picasso. So it took her a while to get her Grand Champion Status, but she got there in the end with  two Best In Shows under her belt to go with it. Getting the Imperial title was beyond my wildest dreams.

I Am Very Proud Of  My Girl, Well Done Poppy

Poppy is now in retirement from her mothering duties, she has been neutered and has now started her premier title chasing.

Colourpoint Rex & AOV Oct 2014 her 1st Premier Certificate and Best of Breed

Supreme Cat Show November 2014 Premier Certificate and Best Of Breed

Gwynedd Cat Club Show February 2015 Premier Certificate

Shropshire Cat Club Show February 2015 Premier Certificate

Thats the Premier Sorted

Coventry & Leicester Cat Club Show February 2015 Grand Certificate and Best Of Breed

Herts & Middlesex Cat Club Show February 2015 Grand Certificate and Best Of Breed

Short Haired Cat Society Show April 2015 Grand Certificate and Best Of Breed

Grand now sorted

Wyvern Cat Club Show September 2015 Imperial Certificate

Colourpointed British Shorthaired Show October 2015 Imperial Certificate, Best Of Breed,

Best In Show Neuter


Overall Best In Show British

Supreme Cat Show October 2015 Imperial Certificate

Colourpoint Rex and AOV Cat Club Show November 2015 Imperial Certificate,

Best Of Breed


Best In show Neuter