Grand Champion Parradazy Pure Kizmet


Lilac Tortie Tabby Colourpointed 40 20

Petticote Jack The-Lad x Poshfelines Centre Fold

PKD Negative Tested


Kizzy went to her first show at the age of 2 years and 8 months

Shropshire Cat Club Show 4th February 2012 She gained her First Champion Certificate

Coventry & Leicester 25th February 2012 Gained her Second Champion Certificate

Kizzy decided she didnt want to wait for babies until she had tried for her third CC.

Kizzy returned to the show bench at

Wyvern Cat Club show 8th September 2012 Gaining her Third Champion Certificate and Best Of Breed, she would  normally  have now been Champion, but silly mommy put her under the same judge twice.

So out she came again

Tabby Cat Club Show  6th October 2012 Finally did it! Got her Forth Champion Certificate and Best of Breed

Then on to Grands

Shropshire Cat club show February 2013 gained her the first Grand Certificate

Cambridge Cat Club show April 2013 gained Kizzy another Grand Certificate

She then decided motherhood called again so has had to wait until 2014 to see if she can get that 3rd Grand

Midland Counties Cat Show 2014 Reserve Grand Champion and Best of Breed

Shorthaired Cat Club Show 2014 Reserve Grand Champion and Best of Breed

Tabby Cat Club Show 2014 Reserve Grand Champion and Best of Breed

She did it at last

Colourpoint Rex & AOV October 2014 Grand Certificate and Best of Breed

Decided to let her have a go at Imperial

She gained her first at

Colourpoint Rex & AOV November 2015

Well Done to my Kizzy So proud

Kizzy will be having her last Litter this year and will be retiring gracefully.