Champion Parradazy Phoenix


Chocolate Tortie 21 b

Larnikat Purple Haze x Ch Parradazy Chocolicious


Well What can I say about our Sparrow…..How long have you got?

This little girl was 1 of 6 babies, she was the only girl in the litter, she was born so small and tiny that she looked like a baby bird….hence Sparrow stayed her name.

Three days after her birth her mommy had Pyometra and had to be neutered, she had very little milk, so I took over the Job of bottle feeding, Sparrow and her brother Bertie were fostered on to another mom with babies. Sparrows mom got over her operation very well and the 4 boys on her did really well, with me helping with the feeds. Sparrow and Bertie were not gaining as they should and their mom Dixie was distressed at not having them with her, so they went back to mommy again with me feeding, gradually my feeding wasn’t required and Dixie took over rearing all her 6 babies.

Sparrow continued to be special, Mommy and all babies were caged when I wasnt around, but this was not good enough for sparrow she used to just walk through any cage bar she wanted to and always be out to greet us on our return, when she was hungry she would go back into the cage for some food.

She has continued to be a special lady and will not be going anywhere and is a very spoilt little girl.

Her show Career has begun well.

Wyvern Cat Club Show September 2014 Champion Certificate and Best of Breed

Colourpointed British Shorthaired Cat Club Show November 2014 Champion Certificate and Best of Breed

Colourpointed British Shorthaired Cat Club Show October 2015 Champion Certificate and Best of Breed

Sparrow can now concentrate on doing nothing and once a year her mothering duties, she has proved a selective girl and prefers to choose the boy she wants babies with.